“I have been working with Anikó on an on-going game localization project since spring 2018 and we have been very happy with the quality of her translations. She is always helpful and quick to reply to any questions we have. If deadlines are super important for you, don’t worry, Anikó’s time management skills are great!”
Julia Kochergina, Project Manager

“Anikó is not only an excellent, knowledgeable Hungarian translator, she is also great to work with: always approachable, on-time and with an unapparelled eye for detail. Highly recommended!”
Ana Grilo, Commercial Translations Manager, First Edition Translations Ltd

“I have been working with Anikó for the past two years on a wide range of legal & HR-related translation projects and she has never failed to deliver a good quality translation within the deadline. She has a great attention to detail and I can always trust her to unpick the source text and ask all the right questions, ensuring that the translation would convey the intended meaning. It is also very reassuring that Anikó has great IT skills and can handle all those non-straightforward requests, formatting requirements and file types.”
Svetlana Hilder, Translations Manager, Cintra Language Services Group Ltd

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