International fintech company via Words in Translation


Revision of transcreated content for the company’s B2C marketing (50 headlines and 36 sublines)


Making sure the Hungarian transcreation did not only match the provided visuals but was also true to the brand’s voice and would have the desired effect on potential customers to take action

My solution:
Anikó is a great copywriter with a strong eye for detail. She revised the Hungarian transcreation of 50 headlines (and sublines), which combined witty copy linked to quirky visuals, as part of a global rebranding. She revised the Hungarian transcreation, paying attention to grammar and style, to make sure the copy was spotless and matched the new tone of voice of the brand. Anikó provided kind and detailed feedback, and also suggested alternatives playing with Hungarian expressions, to adapt the numerous English puns and improve the quality even further. It’s been a great pleasure to work with her!
Marie Thouvignon
Account Manager at Words in Translation