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Creative editing of board game instructions and packaging text. In the game, players draw a card with a word on it, then they must provide an explanation for it – but there’s a catch! They can only use words that start with a certain letter.


Although the translation was fine, it lacked the creative solution the English source text had – every word that appeared in the game description was alliterated! I made sure the final Hungarian text used the same literary device.

My solution:
Anikó came to us while we were looking for a translator who is experienced in board game localization. Now, we have been working with Anikó for a couple of years! Deep research and amazing communication skills are something that really stand out while working with her. She is a very detail-oriented translator who does everything to understand a project and deliver the best possible outcome. She gives us vital suggestions whenever possible and clears up any doubts. Choosing Anikó is going to be the best choice for you and your translation quality.
Zuzanna Czerwińska
Project Coordinator at Loc at Heart