AllCorrect Games for Star Stable Entertainment AB


Localisation of a horse-riding, magical MMORPG, aimed at young girls. Translation of in-game text, UI text, quests, FAQs and newsletters since 2018.


Consistency (weekly updates), wordplay and puns, cultural references, terminology related to horse riding and horse breeds.

My solution:
My experience of collaborating with Anikó is awesome! Anikó is a great Hungarian translator, a high-level professional and a friendly and open person. As a project manager, I have been working with her for more than 2 years on the Star Stable project ‒ a lovely game for horse fans with extensive in-game content. I am happy to say that, so far, we have been receiving only positive feedback on Anikó’s translations, and what is really important for any project manager ‒ Anikó is always in touch and ready to answer any questions and explain anything. There are actually more projects we've worked on with Anikó (unfortunately we cannot mention all of them due to the NDAs), but I can say for sure that every collaboration has been smooth and successful!
T. P.
Project Manager at AllCorrect