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What my clients say about me:

Anikó is not only an excellent, knowledgeable Hungarian translator, she is also great to work with: always approachable, on-time and with an unparalleled eye for detail. Highly recommended!
Ana Grilo
Commercial Translations Manager, First Edition Translations Ltd
Anikó has been a great asset on the Hungarian team for this project over the last 3 years. The translations she delivers are of the highest quality and she’s always happy to help with any queries that may arise. It’s a real pleasure to collaborate with her!
Léa Gorniak
Project Solutions Manager at Comtec Translations
I have been working with Anikó on an on-going game localisation project since 2018 and we have been very happy with the quality of her translations. She is always helpful and quick to reply to any questions we have. If deadlines are super important for you, don’t worry, Anikó’s time management skills are great!
Julia Kochergina
Project Manager
I have been working with Anikó for the past two years on a wide range of legal & HR-related translation projects and she has never failed to deliver a good quality translation within the deadline. She has a great attention to detail and I can always trust her to unpick the source text and ask all the right questions, ensuring that the translation would convey the intended meaning. It is also very reassuring that Anikó has great IT skills and can handle all those non-straightforward requests, formatting requirements and file types.
Svetlana Hilder
Translations Manager, Cintra Language Services Group Ltd
We were very satisfied with the quality of Anikó’s translations and would definitely recommend her, and work with her again.
Vendor Manager, Lexika
Anikó is a great and professional linguist to work with. Always completes jobs to the highest standard and is so easy to work with, nothing ever seems like too much and Anikó is always around to help with any queries that may be project or Hungarian-related. I would recommend for anybody to work with Anikó as it’s always a pleasure.
Luke Townsend
Translation Account Manager
In 2022, you went above and beyond to deliver outstanding work, which is why we’ve decided to award you with our Seal of Quality for the best board games translations! We are extremely happy that you are part of our team and would like to thank you for the highest quality of services you provide! We are grateful for your commitment, timeliness, and invaluable contribution to Loc at Heart projects. You are among the very best linguists we work with, and we hope to continue such great and fruitful cooperation with you in 2023!
Magda Majzel
Vendor Management Specialist, Loc at Heart

Here’s what I’ve been working on:

Video games, board games and card games:

  • A story-driven dark, interactive psychological horror adventure game – PC
  • An adventure game set in the roaring 20s, with an Indiana Jones-like escapade – PC and consoles
  • A point and click graphic adventure horror game – PC
  • A MMORPG for teenage girls with fantasy elements – PC plus supporting mobile applications (on-going)
  • Localisation of a bullet hell video game – PC and consoles
  • Interview with a developer/publisher
  • Steam descriptions for video games of various genres (from dark adventure games through to real-time tactics games and puzzle games)
  • Assorted marketing content including news articles, e-newsletters and push notifications
  • Various board games, card games and expansion packs

Marketing and transcreation:

  • Marketing copy for the website of a tourist attraction
  • Transcreation of advertisements, YouTube ads and short marketing materials for various lifestyle brands
  • Daily revision of a sports apparel brand’s marketing copies (a year-long project)
  • Proofreading POS marketing material for a multinational fashion company
  • Copy validation and proofreading of various marketing materials for a multinational technology company
  • Transcreation of slogans and copy for an internal employee incentive programme

Miscellaneous projects:

  • COVID-related documents, internal communications and public health information
  • Resources for children to learn basic coding
  • Educational story books for children
  • Subtitle translations for documentaries and series for streaming services
  • “Égi kelméről álmodik” (He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven) by W. B. Yeats, Napút magazine, Budapest, Hungary, 2015. (vol. 2)
  • “The Memory of Albert Szent-Györgyi in the Fine Arts” (Szent-Györgyi Albert emlékezete képzőművészeti alkotásokban) by Endre Bóna (Hungarian to English, co-translator), Móra Ferenc Museum, Szeged, Hungary, 2009.
  • “Bill nője” (Sonnet 130) – Shakespeare paraphrase, Szabad Ötletek magazine, Szeged, Hungary, 2008., 5 (5)

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