Every project, book or game is different, and yours is no exception.
That’s why I approach and assess each enquiry on an individual basis to meet your unique requirements.

Sometimes you’ll only need one service, sometimes you’ll require a combination of them.
I’ll help you choose the best approach and provide a tailor-made solution for your needs.

Translation and localisation

(from English to Hungarian)

This includes standard translation of online or offline content and documents, and localisation of games, websites, apps, advertising materials and other audio-visual content.


(from English to Hungarian)

A service recommended for more creative projects, especially for marketing and advertising purposes. I’ll always preserve the intended impact of the message. However, I often use words and structures that are different from the source text to achieve a Hungarian version that truly resonates with your target audience.

Bilingual revision

(of English to Hungarian translations)

I’ll compare a text already translated into Hungarian against the original English version and make sure it’s not only an accurate translation of your source text with the correct terminology, but also reads well, as if it was originally written in Hungarian.

Monolingual editing and proofreading

(in Hungarian)

Is your Hungarian text grammatically and stylistically correct? Does it need to be tidied up? Or perhaps you need an extra pair of eyes to proof your materials before they’re sent out to the public? Together, we can make sure no nasty typos or other mistakes are missed.

Cultural consultancy

(focusing on Hungary)

We’ve all heard of marketing fiascos or product flops that are down to cultural differences. Don’t take any chances with your launch! If you’re planning to break into the Hungarian market or launch a new product in the country, get in touch. I can offer cultural advice that will help.

My areas of specialisation include:

Game localisation

(Video games, tabletop games, card games, party games and more)

Want to provide an immersive experience in Hungarian for all kinds of gamers? I’m in!

Whether you have a fun simulation game or an entertaining trivia mobile game, need a one-off translation or on-going translation support, count me in for localising your content into Hungarian.

Marketing and advertising translations

(Headlines, marketing copy, TVCs, YouTube, and online content)

Grab the attention of your target Hungarian audience in their mother tongue, and evoke all the right emotions to bring your campaign to success in Hungary.

I can create a catchy Hungarian slogan through transcreation or provide you with an attention-grabbing Hungarian translation of your long-form content.

Translations for children

(Children’s literature, both educational and entertaining)

Translating for children requires special attention to the vocabulary being used, but also to the tone of voice. Imagine children reading your story in Hungarian with their parents before bed, and loving it. Let’s work on it!

If you have a document that needs translating into Hungarian or you’d like a no-obligation quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch via my contact page.