I offer the following services

Professional Human Translation

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Translation, certified translation

Do you have a document in English but would like to have it in Hungarian? Then this is the service you’ll need! If you also require a translation certificate, I can provide you with it.


During revision I’ll compare an already translated Hungarian text against the original English and make sure it’s not only an accurate translation of your source text with the correct terminology but also reads well, as if it was originally written in Hungarian.


If you have a text in Hungarian that would need some tidy-up grammar-wise and stylistically, this is your service.


This is the final step before a translation (or any text for that matter) gets sent out to the public. It is usually carried out in the final layout after typesetting, so that the proofreader can make sure that no nasty typos or other abominable mistakes make it to the published text.

Main subject areas

Certificates, official documents
Children’s literature
Game localisation
Health and safety at the workplace
Marketing, advertising

If you have a document that needs translation into Hungarian or would like to have a no-obligation estimate, don’t hesitate to get in touch via my contact page.